Forgotten or Chosen?

Welcome to Write 31 days, I’m glad you’re here!

I’ve joined an international community of bloggers for the Write 31 Days challenge. Over the next 31 days, read about the journey that began with our father leaving my brother and me when I was two. Walk alongside as I share the God moments in everyday life that led to our father’s family finding us.

For the women who have felt the ache of a fatherless life and want to be loved but fear rejection the most, read this story of rejection that blossomed into a love so deep I’ll never be the same.  I promise you, you’ll find encouragement and the goodness of God as he stirs in your heart an awakening of who God really is.

For the month of October, we are going to journey our way to a place of reconciliation, one step at a time, to the healing our great big God planned for me. I hope you’ll be inspired by my story and allow God to be all He wants to be in your story, too.

“Everyone will share the story of your wonderful goodness.” Psalm 145:7 NLT


October 1 * 1972: Did My Father Think of Me?       October 17: What About Nancy?

October 2* A Mistake Waiting to be Forgotten      October 18* I Know My Father

October 3 * Fearing Rejection                                      October 19 * My Father Thinks of Me

October 4 * How Could He Leave?                             October 20* A Gift from My Father

October 5 * If I Could Only Forget                             October 22* Yesterday’s A Closing Door

October 6 * Was Healing Just Beyond Reach?     October 23*Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You

October 7 * Believing God                                             October 24* Deceit and Pain of the Past-LOVE wins

October 8 * “The God I Know”                                    October 25 * A Father’s Love that Never Quits

October 9 * The Seven Desires of Every Heart     October 26*God Our Father is Always Present

October 10 * From Religion to Relationship         October 27 * The Healing God Wants

October 11 * The Gift of Dad Memories                 (Taking a Break Today)

October 12 * Relentless Love                                       October 29* Dear Younger Me

October 13 * A Moment in Time Changed Everything   October 30* I Am Chosen

October 14 * His Family Looked for Us                   October 31* What I Learned in October

October 15 * You are Priceless                                                

October 16* God Knows Our Deepest Desires