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When Summer Beckons Fall

October 31, 2017

I love to look at leaves when they first change color and there’s still a hint of fading summer green. Soon it will be forgotten by the shock of yellow, orange and red.  Conversations about changing relationships caught my attention last week.


Even changes that are anticipated, such as a parent growing old, can catch our hearts off guard.  It feels too soon, roles reverse and you realize what you once had will never be the same.  When a child leaves home, the quiet you longed for all those years is deafening.

Do you wonder, what will winter bring? Will I feel loved? Will life still have purpose?

Oh, Lord, you alone are my hope. I’ve trusted you from childhood. Psalm 71:5

I look at things differently because I believe God is in control, although I haven’t always acted that way. He is interested in all of us. God wants to come along side and help us live life in this world.

Will you ask Him to help you?


I hope you’ve enjoyed this month-long series, Create. Art from the Heart. A passion for creating is fueled by my inspiration, a journey to feeling God’s Love.  God has moved me from Faith to a daily transformation of my heart. I feel God’s Love the most when I’m surrounded by His creation.

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