Forgotten or Chosen?

The Pain of a Present Parent

October 26, 2016

Installment twenty-six, in a 31 day series, Forgotten or Chosen?

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I’ve talked with women of all ages and so many identify with my story. What about you? Did you live the fatherless life or does the sound of my friend’s story echo in your heart and mind?

“I grew up in a nice house with two parents and a younger brother. From the outside, we looked like the perfect family. But once you came inside you would have noticed it – the silence, so thick you could walk on it. Dad worked long hours, work became his life. He rarely spoke. When he did, his eyes were distant like he was looking past me to something else.

Mom was unhappy; I realize now she didn’t know what to do. The clearest memory I have of Mom is the back of her pretty dress beneath the neatly tied bow of an apron, standing at the sink washing dishes. Although Dad was there every night for dinner, he had checked out long ago.

The icy silence continued and I couldn’t wait to leave.  On graduation day, Dad was in the garage. Mom called from the kitchen and said she didn’t want to be late. He hollered back “I’m not going.” He turned the corner of the garage and saw me standing there. Expecting an excuse to justify his absence he simply said, “I have things to do.”  I left home in August and never looked back.

Today I grieve the wasted days going through the motions of life, the same empty motions that marked the years of my lonely childhood. Searching for the love I longed for – in all the broken places, hope shriveled up as I watch my children walk the same lifeless path I walked.”

Did you grow up in the same house with your father, but still feel abandoned? Was your house as quiet as a church but without the security and peace God offers? Were you that little girl? 

God wants to wrap you in his arms and show you the irreplaceable love you have longed for. He wants you to know you are priceless in His eyes.

Talk to God and he will hear you. There isn’t anything he wants more than to have a relationship with you!

“But if from there you seek the Lord your God, you will find him if you seek him with all your heart and with all your soul.” Deuteronomy 4:10 (NIV)




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