Forgotten or Chosen?

I Am Chosen

October 30, 2016
Forgotten or Chosen?

Installment thirty, in a 31 day series, Forgotten or Chosen?

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God took ordinary days and moments to complete the purpose he had planned for me. He took the days and tied them together and gave them to me as his gift, wrapped in exquisite paper and tied with a frilly pink bow. God took the pain and made something beautiful. I will never forget.

I’ve given up my wounded heart and God is filling it with him. He has replaced the lies stitched in my heart long ago with a confident and fully-loved heart.

My Family History

My family history has been changed, I’ve given the “old pictures a new frame,” a frame of forgiveness and beauty. I know that whatever happens in this crazy life God is and will always be the one I can count on. As I put my trust in him, I no longer fear rejection and abandonment.

God’s word speaks life into me and fills me with hope. [Tweet this!]

I am chosen and full loved by him.

“But even before I was born, God chose me and called me by his wonderful grace.” Galatians 1:15, NLT.








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