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Hand Bound Journal Cover Page

October 15, 2017


This is the third installment of our hand bound journal project. There will be 3 videos published this week to guide you into decorating the front cover, attaching the inside pages and tips to look for items to embellish your book with. The fourth video, embellishing the book, will be available next week.


printer paper, for inside paper

2-sided heavy card stock printed or solid (one sheet is needed per paper folder)

Waxy flax thread

paper and materials for cover

4 small eyelets (If you are making a larger book with additional paper, you will punch more holes in spine and use more eyelets and more waxy flax)


Paper cutter

Ruler, pencil

Adhesive tape gun or other adhesive tape roller (permanent adhesive)

Heavy duty paper punch

Video 1

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