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October 3, 2017

Today we celebrate the inspiration of family and friends and Create!

The DIY pallet craze hit and I can rarely find free wood pallets now. I bought these at Craft Warehouse:

I lightly sanded the wood by hand, you need a smooth surface to apply vinyl letters. I painted a coat of white paint and let it dry and sanded again. I want the white to show through giving it that aged look. I painted the purchased wooden tag (after a light sanding) with Pink Chiffon acrylic paint. Using a rag I wiped some of the paint off and sanded again.

I had this stencil and decided to add a little more style and pop by stenciling here and there, using the brush to “pounce” color into the stencil. I used a red that didn’t really match but when I mixed it with the pink it blended and looked like it belonged.


If you’ve never stenciled the key is to use a dry stencil brush and very little paint. This keeps the paint in the negative space and from seeping under the edge. I wanted a subtle look and I think I accomplished that. If you don’t have a stencil brush, improvise with a piece of sponge. Again, make sure it is dry. Pounce the brush onto a paper plate to get most of the paint off. You can always go back over it if it isn’t dark enough. I sanded again over the stencil area too and it looks like the stencil has been there all along!

You can buy a vinyl saying at most craft stores or make your own. Measure the board width to make sure the vinyl letters will fit. I used my Cricket and you can go here to see how I cut the word from purchased vinyl. I practiced first on card stock to make sure I had the size and font just right.

After consulting with my husband, Greg, I clipped metal clips on the tag and secured the tag with wood glue. You don’t have to use a fancy clip but this is what I had. I’d love to find some old, rusted clipboard clips! I’m not in love with the gold bow…stay tuned!





DIY Best Things in Life!

Tuesday, October 17:

How do you like the pink bow? And the cute chalkboard sign is just what I didn’t realize it needed. Instead of a glass doorknob, the darker knob and solid (not transparent) bow goes better with the rustic, vintage look.





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  • Reply Cathy October 3, 2017 at 8:00 am

    Thank you for sharing this fun project! It’s fun to get to know more about you through this blog. You definitely have been given the gift of creativity.

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