Following His Direction

Craig’s List Miracle

December 11, 2016

Have you felt like you were waiting on God? My fellow Word warrior, Kaitlin, from the Barefoot Blog, is hosting a month long series, Life’s Gifts in Unexpected Packages. She asked me to guest post!

 We’ve all been there. God knew what was best for me and the death of my dream brought me hope.

Coming back to work after a vacation, I found the contents of my file drawers removed and drawer locks sitting on my desk. My heart sank, I looked around and realized my employees knew something I didn’t. Like an unexpected fall that leaves you bruised and breathless, my heart ached from the sharp sting of careless words and unfair actions.  I thought, how could this happen to me?

Follow the link to hear about the unexpected gift God gave me:  Life’s Gifts in Unexpected Packages.


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