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31 Days of God’s Goodness

31 Days of God's Goodness

Celebrate God’s Goodness

October 31, 2015

I made it through the blog challenge of writing every day for 31 days and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for celebrating with me 31 days of God’s Goodness!

The Write 31 Days international blogging challenge coincided with publishing my blog, Timeless Truths. The intent of my blog is to create a community of readers to share life’s joys and difficulties with each other. I hope my stories ring true in your heart and you see God’s goodness recorded in the pages of my life, because to tell you my story is to tell of him.

In the daily posts I hope you saw strength in the middle of a storm, hope where it seemed there was none and a peace that comes from something deeper than ourselves. If you were restless for something more I hope you saw his beauty unfold in your life and you were amazed by his love for you.

Remember, God is all in for you, too.

Let’s believe God’s promises of goodness for our lives:

RELATIONSHIP: Follow God and He will come near to you. [James 4:8a]

HOPE: Trust in God. He will bless us if we trust in him. He gives us hope and confidence in him. [Jeremiah 17:7]

PEACE: God will replace fear, doubt and pain with a quiet, confident peace we can’t understand. [Isaiah 32:17, Philippians 4:7]

STRENGTH: God gives us strength to go through whatever life brings. [Psalm 73:26]

WONDERFULLY MADE: God knew us before we were born. We are uniquely made. [Psalm 139:13]

UNFAILING LOVE: Follow God and trust him, he will never leave. [Psalm 9:10]

In the middle of the mess I see a glimpse of God’s goodness, I see a sign of hope. [Tweet this!]


“Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.” Jeremiah 6:16 NLT

I hope you’ll come back and read more. Let’s see together what the Bible says about the ancient paths previously walked and walk in the good way, his way, together. God will give us rest for our souls.


I’ve included printables for you or to share with friends. The BEST printable is one of my favorite Bible verses. The Bible verses printable is all the verses I’ve referenced during the 31 Days of God’s Goodness. Life has a way of surprising us. I hope you’ll find the verses that speak to you.

Free BEST printable                         Bible Verses Printable

In November, I’ll post on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. I hope you’ll join me! I look forward to reading your comments, let me know how to pray for you.

The Advent season is a time of waiting and preparing for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus. An Advent series will start at the end of November. I’ll share short crafting videos in a new menu selection “Art from the Heart.” If you are feeling crafty, try a project that I hope will be a visual reminder of Christ’s birth.

God bless you today, I’m so glad you stopped by.

“Everyone will share the story of your wonderful goodness.” Psalm 145:7 NLT

31 Days of God's Goodness

My Story Isn’t Finished Yet

October 30, 2015

My story isn’t finished yet.

Listen to Steven Curtis Chapman sing, “The Glorious Unfolding.”

Steven sings “You’ve got to believe your story is so far from over, so hold onto every promise God has made to us and watch his glorious unfolding.”

Each day is a new day. There is order to the universe God created and he is in control. It’s true, my life isn’t anything like I thought it would be. When we ask God into our lives, we give up control and look to him for guidance. He is faithful to respond to us.

I’m probably the last of my group of friends to finally see the movie “War Room.” My husband and I saw it yesterday at the matinee.

In the movie, a problem was presented in Elizabeth’s life. Elizabeth then came in contact with an older woman who became her mentor. She showed her what God promises in the Bible and taught her to pray.

The movie’s message was an excellent example of what happens when we look to God, give up control and wait on him to lead and guide us. It also showed what happens when we give up our own selfish feelings to be filled with God’s love so our reaction to events in our lives come from his viewpoint and not our own.


31 Days of God's Goodness

God’s Goodness – Experience him, draw near

October 29, 2015

pin day 11

God’s goodness

In the ’60s, my family, cousins, aunt and uncle attended Faith Lutheran Church. I wore pretty dresses and white anklets, shiny black patent leather shoes polished with a dab of Vaseline the night before. The boys wore suits and bow ties.

School friends were in my Sunday School class and we played in the field behind the church while waiting for our parents. An electric fence separated the church from a farmer’s field and my cousin thought it would be fun to pee on it.

We all sat still through church at a young age. I remember the shiny offering plate, the mystery of communion and hymns posted by page number on a wooden sign next to the pulpit, the same songs sung Sunday after Sunday. I can still recite the Apostles’ Creed.

I experienced a close relationship with God much later in life. God sent his only son to be born into this world to live like we live. Jesus accepted God’s plan for redemption as his own. He chose to suffer and die on a sinner’s cross for our salvation. He bore our sins and pain so we don’t have to.

Grace. We don’t deserve it. That’s about as good as it gets. Tweet that!

The first four books in the New Testament, the gospels, tell the good news of the story of Jesus’ humble birth, his sacrificial death on a cross and his miraculous resurrection.

It took years for me to understand the full impact of this sacrificial gift God gave the world. Salvation for those who believe was bought for the price Jesus paid on Calvary.

I experience God’s goodness the most  while reflecting on the wonder of Jesus, my Savior. His willingness to go through this suffering so I can live will always amaze me.

31 Days of God's Goodness

You Are All I Need

October 28, 2015

You are all I need.

Rhett Walker Band sings “All I Need,” from their Come to the River album: Tell me, will I ever catch a break? Cause the storms roll on and where I am, it does not feel safe.

I don’t know what I should even pray.

But here I am, here my hands are raised. The rain keeps fallin’ down as the waters flood this town. On my knees I’ll be found  – All I need, all I need is you.

Have you been at the place where you didn’t know what to pray?

The words don’t come. My mind swirls with bits of conversation. My heart lunges with fear, anger, rage, bitterness, resentment…pain, sadness, grief… Sometimes tears don’t even flow.

Why God? What did I miss? What were you trying to tell me that I just didn’t hear? I speak the words between labored breaths. I want to run, so far, so fast, run away.

It’s then I pray. . .with bits of fear, anger, rage, bitterness, resentment…I take my pain to him, my sadness, my grief. The tears flow now and won’t stop flowing. I don’t know what will happen next. But I know now, who it will happen with. My God, my God, will never forsake me. I’m cradled in the safety of his arms, he’s guiding me with love into security and peace.

31 Days of God's Goodness

Help Me to Look Up and See Him

October 27, 2015

Blanca sings Greater is He, “I face a giant, in over my head, help me to look up. I take a deep breath and take the next step. Though I may be weak, I know who is with me. Greater is he living in me, than he who is in the world.”

Help me to look up and see you God.

“But you belong to God, my dear children. You have already won a victory over those people, because the Spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world.” 1 John 4:4 NLT

I believe you God, I belong to you. Help me to see you in the middle of every the storm.


31 Days of God's Goodness Indescribable Peace

God Uses Life to Increase Faith

October 26, 2015

Has a life event sent you reeling, like an unexpected fall that’s left you bruised and you can’t catch your breath? Is it a serious illness, the sharp sting of rejection by a friend or worse, your husband?

I remember that tender waiting space when it seemed time stood still and I thought I’d never find my way out.

Pieces of paper framed neatly on the wall, long hours and days upon weeks and then years of planning, reaching, striving. It all fell apart and was taken away. How could this happen to me? My heart ached from the unfairness of others actions and the sharp sting of careless words.

I expected God to set the record straight and take me out of this undeserved situation, but he didn’t. God didn’t rescue, he refined.

God uses life to increase faith.

Conversations were cold and aloof. Chatting stopped when I entered a room. What do they think I’ve done? What lies were told to make them act like this?

Through tears I cried, God, what do you want me to learn here? I need your help, how much longer will I have to go through this?

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3 (NIV).

Jeremiah was in prison when he wrote God’s message of hope. The King of Babylon and his people came at the city of Jerusalem from all sides. The people were starving and ready to surrender. Jeremiah looked up and was reminded of God’s faithfulness.

Jeremiah trusted God to do what he said he would do.

I begged God for a sign of hope and he gently revealed to me opportunities for growth. Over the years I realized I had put my trust and security in something other than him. God wanted me to trust him in everything.

During my Bible study time I came upon nuggets of truth that helped me piece the puzzle together: “But blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.” Jeremiah 17:7 (NIV).

God was steering the ship and for the first time in my life I was allowing it to happen. My faith was strengthened, he was growing me and I was learning to trust him.

Slowly, my attitude and perspective changed. I stopped focusing on when this undeserved situation would end and focused instead on believing the promises in God’s word.

“And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe he exists and he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” Hebrews 11:6 (NIV).

I am encouraged by the faithful men and women in the bible, like Jeremiah, who chose God in the face of adversity. Their stories give me hope and courage.

Do you need hope and courage today? God knows your pain, your heartache. Trust God to do what he says he will do.

God wants to take your pain and make a difference. Tweet that!

31 Days of God's Goodness

Do Answers Feel So Far Away?

October 25, 2015

Are you feeling pressured by the world’s demands? Do you feel there’s no way out? Do answers feel so far away?

The lyrics of Casting Crowns new song “Just Be Held” drip with God’s comfort and safety. I didn’t always feel that from God.

As a young girl my vision of God was one of judge and jury. However, the Bible says God loves us so much, he sacrificed his own Son so we can have eternal life.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life. For God didn’t send his son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” John 3:16-17 NIV

I praise him and thank him for taking care of what comes next before I even see it.

Thank you God, thank you. I’m on my knees and I’m not alone. I come to you and believe.


31 Days of God's Goodness

God’s Clear Direction in My Life

October 24, 2015

Pinterest day 3

Psalm 42, King David wrote about his thirst for God and asked “when can I go and meet him?” His prayer was written as a reminder to himself, a plea, to put his hope in God. In his anguish he expressed thankfulness for God’s love during the day and sang a song, a prayer, to the God “of his life” at night.

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 NIV.

The Apostle John recorded the words Jesus said to remind us we will face trails on earth. Yet, even with trials we can have the peace that comes from him.

With God’s clear direction in my life, he provides for all my needs and gives me the tools to live “above the noise” of the waterfalls.

Live above the noise.

31 Days of God's Goodness Indescribable Peace

Tranquil Peace with a Complex Life

October 23, 2015

Living life on auto-pilot, days turned into weeks and a young mom realized something had changed – it crept up on her, like a parent aging or a child graduating.

Careless wounding words layered with indifference and broken promises unraveled the stretched strands of a marriage – there was no going back. And a four-year old asked, “Will you leave like daddy did?”

Lives changed overnight. The young mom stood alone in the living room, wondering how she would balance work and parenting and house chores. The only sound was the slow “tick” of the clock on the wall. Grief danced like filtered light through the shades, in and out.

Peace was stolen and worry set in, unpaid bills and young daughters who didn’t understand. Silently, she navigated the tumultuous feelings of a broken heart. . .the solitude of night brought only morning light spilling out on a tear-soaked pillow.

A church girl who made the right choices, said please and thank you and didn’t cause trouble. She struggled with the “why” of this.

I knew that young mom, she was oh, so familiar to me.

It was a new town and she sat alone in the church pew Sunday after Sunday after Sunday. She craved peace and it was a process to get to that place. She dug deep into God’s word searching for something, anything?

Her Bible open, she discovered hope and peace and healing. Her girls slept through the night and she fell asleep with her thumb in 1 Peter. “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.”1 Peter 5:7 (NIV). The Apostle Peter’s encouragement to the persecuted Christians, a simple “Sunday School” verse brought new meaning to her life.

She found his perfect peace, the kind of peace that floods minds and bathes hearts when we are “stayed on Jesus.” “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7 NIV

A job interview, the purple wool suit from the YWCA, she landed that job the same day she interviewed. They picked her.

The young mom came to God with child-like faith because she had nothing left. She gave up control and watched him work in her life.

I knew that mom, she was oh, so familiar to me…

31 Days of God's Goodness

Surrender All to God and Believe

October 22, 2015

This worship song moves my heart towards God. I’m filled with gratitude for all he’s done. In a worshipful place my worries disappear. I believe and trust God is in control, even when I don’t see it yet.

Is there something you need to bring to God today? Talk to him, give up your worries, sadness and grief. Jesus paid the price for our emotional pain, we don’t have to go through life alone.

One of the most beautiful promises in the Bible is “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” Psalm 73:26 NIV

It took me years to discover God is really all I need. Everything else will fade away but God promises to be our God forever. He wants the best for you dear friend. Let him in and feel his love for you.

Surrender all to God and believe.