31 Days of God’s Goodness

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I’ve joined an international community of bloggers for the “Write 31 days” challenge. For the month of October I’m writing every day, the topic is God’s goodness in every day life. I hope you’ll be encouraged as God stirs in your heart an awakening of who he is and who you are in him.

On Day 1, I’ll share a story and photograph to illustrate God’s goodness. On Day 2 I’ll use a photograph and Bible verse to inspire. On Day 3, I’m doing something new. I’ll share a video of a contemporary praise and worship song that speaks to my heart. I hope it touches your heart like it has mine. Each subsequent post will follow this format.

There’s an opportunity for you to share your experiences and how God speaks to you at the end of each post. I look forward to hearing from you!

“Everyone will share the story of your wonderful goodness.” Psalm 145:7 NLT

As a thank you for visiting and to encourage you, on October 16 and October 31, look for a free printable to carry with you or share with others.

October 1: To Know God, Draw Near                                                   October 17: Reliable Strength In the Storm

October 3: I want to Seek You First                                                     October 18: God Works Things Out For Good

October 4: The Safety of His Unconditional Love                                  October 19: God Comforts Through Every Storm

October 5: Designed by Our Creator                                                    October 20: Complete Trust in His Complete Plan

October 6: Sacrificial Love for Us                                                        October 21: Trust God’s Plan for You

October 7: The Relationship God Wants with Us                                  October 22: Surrender All to God and Believe

October 8: Seek God for a Real Relationship                                        October 23:Tranquil Peace with a Complex Life 

October 9: Celebrate God’s Love                                                         October 24: God’s Clear Direction In My Life 

October 10: Hope for the Broken Record in my Mind                             October 25: Do Answers Feel So Far Away?

October 11: The Perfect Gift, Peace of Mind                                        October 26: God Uses Life to Increase Faith

October 12: The Power of God                                                            October 27: Help Me To Look Up

October 13: How a Grateful Heart Changes my Perspective                  October 28: You Are All I Need

October 14 Count Your Blessings                                                        October 29:

October 15: Grateful for Our Great God                                                October 30:

October 16: God Gives Us What We Need                                          October 31: